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  • 4th November 2019
    The last of 7 tenants were finally evicted from my H M O property on 25/10/19. I appreciate the efforts of Garg Solicitors in gaining possession of all tenancies.
    T B Rogers

Recent Cases

20th June 2019 – Land owner Engaged the Services of Agent for selling house – After 7 months the Land Owner became quite – No response given to any Agents calls or confirming new property viewings - No further efforts made by the Agents to advertise the property – After one and half year the agents found property sold to one of their introducers – Land Owner refused to accept – Our services engaged – After writing three correspondence to the Land Owner Solicitors – payment of £6000.00 was made

Land Owner engaged the services of the property agent to market and ultimately to sell his property. Exclusive agency agreement was signed between the parties. As per the contract the agents engaged in advertisement of the property and arranged many views but it never materialised. After the gap of couple of months, the Landlord went quite. He stopped responding back to any communications from the agents. The agents too stopped marketing the property. However, after one and a half year, the agents found that the property was sold. After investigations, it was also found that the property was sold to one of the agents introducers. The agents tried to find the landlord (who left the property) but could not found him. They approached our services. After reviewing the documents, within one day of basic search, we found the landlord. We sent him letter of demand for £7500.00. Upon the receipt of our letter, the landlord engaged the Solicitor and they completely deny any link of alleged sale with any introducer from the agent and they invited us for the Litigation of the matter in the court. However, with our candid approach and further communication, the landlord agreed to pay £6000.00 to settle the matter without any litigation. Need not to say, our client (the Agents) are extremely happy with the outcome.

Important take from the matter – Always keep the official communication in writing and keep the record. Never know when you need it

16th May 2019 – Section 21 notice – Tenant every evasive – No access given to the landlord from the last over six months – Court case filed by us – Outcome

Tenant ordered to vacate the property in 14 days and pay the landlord’s costs

Tenant very evasive and stopped all communications with the landlord and his agents. Numerous letters and message were sent to the tenant to give access to the property but to no avail. The mandatory checks were also due to the property but tenant seems not listening. The landlord served section 21 notice and approached us for formal possession proceedings. After reviewing the documents and after preparation of relevant documents along with Certificate of service, we filed the case in the court. Without any court hearing and by finding all the documents in the line of present regime of Deregulation Act 2015, the court was satisfied to order the tenant:

To vacate the property in 14 days and pay the costs of the landlord

9th May 2019 – Trial Hearing for full one day – Case pending since over last one and half year – Tenant won the appeal too – Matter represented by us on the final day hearing – the matter was concluded within two hours of hearing, outcome-

The tenant vacate the property within 21 days – daily rate and payment of rent arrears

The matter is long pending with the court for #tenanteviction. Initially on the first hearing (in 2018), we got the possession order in favour of the landlord. However, the tenant filed an appeal against the possession order and after appeal arguments, the appellate court allowed the appeal and further directions were given to both the parties. We continued to represent the client. We followed all the court’s ordered and kept negotiating with the tenant’s solicitors. After the massive exchange of documents, information, reports, communications, the matter was called for the trial. We represented the matter in Trial too. With our robust arguments, the matter was decided in two hours and the court ordered the tenant to:

Vacate the property within 21 days – daily rate and payment of rent arrears

8th May 2019 – Rent Arrears – No access to the property – tenant with the landlord for last 8-9 years – Landlord came into great financial crunch – Tenant promised payments but nothing paid since starting of the year – Section 8 notice – Agreed consent order to avoid costs – tenant breached the agreements – outcome


The landlord tenant relationship was quite old. The landlord assisted tenant on numerous occasions even by temporarily reducing the rent. But it seemed that the tenant took it for granted. No rent payment made since the starting of the year. Upon the request for the payment of the rent, the tenant argued for council involvement, legal aid solicitors etc. The landlord got very emotionally low as he needed the money desperately. He approached us for eviction. We served section 8 notice and upon the receipt of no response, the formal possession proceedings were initiated. Owing to the huge financial difficultly, we continuously advised the landlord to keep the negotiation open with the tenant and try to settle the matter, if possible. Upon multiple requests by the landlord, the tenant agreed to settle the matter. We advised our client for ‘suspended possession order’ rather to take the case back without having any rent arrears payment from the tenant. Both the parties then further agreed for suspended possession order and set out some terms and conditions about the rent arrears payments. However, surprisingly, the tenant default the payment plan agreed before the court. Outcome, the landlord instructed the:


05/04/2019 - Rent Arrears of over £5k –- HMO - Section 8 notice – The tenant was once the property manager – - Matter represented by us – Second hearing - Outcome –

Possession in 14 days, Payment of all rent arrears, payment of daily rate and Fixed Costs

The tenant was in himself the property manager. The property was the HMO. The tenant stopped paying rent and generated the arrears of over £5k. By having no other option available the landlord decides to evict the tenant/property manager. Section 8 notice was served and matter was taken to the court. Upon the first hearing, the tenant came to the court and pleaded lot of issues in the property and disputed the level of rent arrears. We argued hard, however, due to the paucity of time, the court adjourned the matter. Before adjournment, we pleaded that the defendant should all the evidence about the rent payments within 14 days. The court agreed with our pleadings. As the truth came forward, the tenant failed to file any defence within stipulated 14 days time and the court asked for the hearing. Upon the hearing, with our robust arguments, the court ordered the tenant to:-

Handover the Possession in 14 days, Payment of all rent arrears, payment of daily rate and Fixed Costs

27/03/2019 – Tenant in rent arrears – No access given since last 6-7 months – Council involved – Section 8 notice – negotiations – court hearing -– Matter represented by us – on the first hearing- Outcome

Possession in 28 days

It was the first property of the landlord to let. The only rental income for old age expenses. The tenant was the council tenant. Rent arrears since last four months. Despite of numerous requests, the tenant refused to give access to the property. Property was newly refurbished before it was let to the problem tenant. The landlord served section 21 notice himself and approached us to take the matter to the court. Upon reviewing the documents, it was found that section 21 notice was wrong. It caused great deal of distress among the landlord. We advised for section 8 notice. The landlord was worried that it will be litigated for long if section 8 route was taken. Upon our assurance, the landlord agreed to proceed with section 8 notice. We served the notice and took the matter to the court. Upon reaching the court, the tenant was present with her friend. She was given access to Duty Solicitor. Upon the hearing, we argued hard and highlighted numerous faults in the whole tenancy. We pleased that adjournment should not be given. The court asked both the parties to go out and narrow down the issues. We negotiated hard and the tenant admitted that owing to her own circumstances she cannot pay the rent. We agreed the settlement and presented the settlement to the court. As per the agreement, the court ordered the tenant to

Vacate the property in 28 days


04/11/2019: -

The last of 7 tenants were finally evicted from my H M O property on 25/10/19. I appreciate the efforts of Garg Solicitors in gaining possession of all tenancies —T B Rogers

23/09/2019: -

Amazing professional service, would greatly recommended. —Amarjit B

18/09/2019: -

Garg solicitors have assisted me with several tenant eviction cases. They have always offered very quick and reliable assistance . To ensure it is hassle free for the agent/ landlord. highly recommend. . —Sarah R

18/09/2019: -

I found Garg Solicitors on the internet as I was having a problem evicting a tenant. I spoke to a lot of companies that didn't inspire me with confidence but Nav at Garg was very knowledgeable and gave me good advise as to the process, time scales and cost. Having engaged them to handle my case each part of the process was simple and they basically did everything for me from serving the Section 8 notice to arranging a court date and Barrister. The result being that I was given a possession order on the day. The service is excellent and very reasonably priced. I would recommend their services highly. —J Davis

22/08/2019: -

I was very impressed and happy with the Legal Advice.they listen really well to you and give you the best option possible for your circumstance,charges to service rendered is very moderate and affordable. I will recommend Garg Solicitors anytime any day with confidence. Best Lawyer for Landlords.Keep up the good work because you put smiles on peoples faces . Bless you all and thank you very much. —Rohit Bedi

21/08/2019: -

Fantastic eviction service. Great firm, very helpful and efficient. —Peter Pang

31/07/2019: -

First time I used Garg Solicitors and I was surprised how much they were taking care of my case I had with their correctness and their response. No Matter what time I called them there were always there to pick it up , I never had this service in the last 25 years . A big thank you from me —Mr M Limani

15/07/2019: -

Very professional and friendly service. I would like to say thank you to Nav for his guidance and advice through out the whole process.Well done!! —Sati

26/06/2019: -

I just wanted to drop you a message of thanks. We really appreciate your professionalism and dedication in resolving the matter so we could sell our property —Anjana

29/04/2019: -

First time when I found about Garg Solicitors Ltd on Google and I was not sure but I decided to use their services. Now i can introduce them to everyone as I am pleased and fully satisfied. Today they have just finished my 5th case. It is obvious that when private landlord suffers hardships from tenants who are not willing to pay their rent. I was stressed out like everyone else from my tenants that was until I spoke to Mr Nav who is not only friendly but very helpful on each stage of your case. Being a good Barrister himself he takes pride in his work. So therefore I fully recommend every to try and give them a chance. I am sure you will be writing this testimonial yourself. Keep up the good work —Andy

29/04/2019: -

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the legal service I received from your practise. The whole job was executed professionally from start to finish and in time. Your staff are very friendly and always greets the clients with a big smile. I shall not hesitate to recommend your practice to my friends and family. —H Patel

28/03/2019: -

GARG solicitors are brilliant and professional we have been trying 6 months to remove a terrible tenant from our property, but he sorted everything from the beginning and got her removed AMAZING. If you\'ve got a problem tenant contacted him you won\'t be disappointed —Karen-Robert

13/03/2019: -

Truly a professional and quality service at an affordable price. Thank you. —D Sidhu

05/03/2019: -

Very reliable everyone was helpful would definite recommend to anyone else thank you. —S. Singh

04/03/2019: -

I have had the pleasure of working with Nav as I was a landlord of a property and my tenant was not paying me any rent. I approached Garg Solicitors and Spoke to Nav who talked me through every step of the process through to eventually evicting the tenant after obtaining a court order , Nav was approachable and was always on hand to offer advice on the phone, I would not hesitate in recommending this practice to anyone . —Mahesh P

26/02/2019: -

Having had several successful evictions I am very pleased with the service I have received from Garg Solicitors. —Thomas Rogers

25/02/2019: -

Thank you, for your excellent and efficient service as always. Your efforts and work are much appreciated. —Sak

04/02/2019: -

“Very nice firm to deal with, very sincere advice given, immediate response to every call and e mail, very polite and courteous, very professional, cant say any more, very satisfied — —'Mr N J'